what's your dream life cost?

What’s Your Dream Life Cost?

In this article, we help you define your dream life cost, and put it down on paper to show you if it’s reachable.

Do you want the best things in life? Of course you do!

But First, in order to get them, you need to know how much you need to make to get those things.

Whatever those things are, you need to figure what they are, and come up with a monthly cost to get them.

It doesn’t need to be written down on anything fancy.

It’s important you write them down so you can see the total monthly amount needed to achieve your dream life.

You might surprise yourself.

Let’s break it down..

For Example: What’s My Dream Life Cost?

Household Living Expenses – $5,000/mo

5 New Cars for Family – $3200/mo

Family Celebration Fund – $3000/mo

Recreational Vehicle – $1,000/mo

Kid College – $1500/mo

Travel (1 qtr) – $1000/mo

Enjoy Life Money – $4000/mo

$18,700 / Month

WOW, to get those things I need $18,700 per month to live my dream life.

So how much do I need to earn to get to my dream life cost #?

I simply use this income calculator to figure it out – and for my state, I need to earn $28,376/mo.

Earning $28,376/mo will provide me $18,700/mo after taxes. So, $28,376/mo is my dream life cost.

So now that I know my number, I step back and ask myself .. is that number attainable?

Of course it is.. but I need to build my plan to achieve my monthly dream life #.

Does my current income get to that # or do I need a side hustle to fill in the gaps?

Do you see where I’m going with this?

For most people, having a side hustle to help them earn extra money will be part of their plan.

Look for those things that you enjoy doing, and show others how to do it. Start there first …

… or sell someone’s product online for a commission – that’s called network marketing.

I recommend watching this short video on Network Marketing Secrets. This is perfect for the newbie marketer who has no tech, sales, or marketing experience, and they give you access to their special software systems!

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You can do this! Choose Success.

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