Creating Products To Sell Online

Creating Products To Sell Online

When thinking about Products and Services to sell online, think first about the people you wish to serve.

Ask yourself this question, “what issue does my desired group of people face?”

People are looking for results.

They are not looking for products or services, they just want their issue resolved.

For example, the people we serve are new affiliate marketers, and when starting out, they have the issue of sales.

They “need” more sales. But how?

The people we serve already have a product/service to sell, and have a sales platform (website) that generally does a good job describing the issue their product solves.

In order to fill the “need of more sales”, what do they need?

They need more visitors… they need traffic!

Therefore, the product/service I should offer is the knowledge of how to get traffic.

Does that make sense?

Next, think, do I need to create a product/service about traffic?

You could try, BUT the answer to that question is – No!

Why? Because there are good products already created.

We find them and request permission to promote their product for a commission.

No need to carry inventory or shipping.

And that is the essence of affiliate marketing with a broad stroke.

Affiliate Marketing is about selling a product/service that already has the knowledge already baked within it.

Why re-invent the wheel? No need to waste your time.

What if told you, we’ve got you covered?

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