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The Pros And Cons Of Amazon Associates

The Amazon Associates program is one of the most fascinating marketing programs around. Every blogger longs to link up with Amazon Associates and learn how they can earn from it. Those who have tried it recommend it. Apart from the ease of joining, it is also a good option for newbies. There is a large variety of products that one can advertise. There are options of enticing the display of your ad which means that your products will attract a large number of customers. It is paramount to get enough knowledge of this program before getting into it.

Below are the pro’s and con’s of Amazon Associates:


1. Easy to use – The easiest way to start reaping money out of your blog is through using this affiliate marketing network. You just need to sign up then choose the method of adding on Amazon products to your blog. This process is very straight forward. You will not experience any difficulty with their control panel. This means that you will get along without stress.

2. Wide range of products – You will never lack a product to advertise on your blog from this affiliate marketing network this is all thanks to The products are from a lot of different sellers. The products are of good quality thus making your work of “selling” them easier. You could choose the products you want to advertise depending on your blog’s primary focus.

3. Displaying Ads – Most bloggers are afraid of how their websites will look after posting ads. You don’t have to worry about this if you are under Amazon Associates. This is because they offer a lot of customization choices. This gives you the opportunity of deciding how you want to display your ads. Automated ads, widgets, contextual links are among the various choices you have at your disposal.

4. Payout threshold – What has raised the fame of Amazon Associates is their payout threshold. It is low and this means that your payout will be unconfined as soon as your commission accumulates to $10. You can compare with other affiliate marketing networks.

5. Safe – With this program both parties are guaranteed of their well-being and security. Your earnings are also very safe with Amazon Associates. There have been cases of some programs that shut down without paying their affiliates. With Amazon this has never happened and it is not going to do so anytime soon.


1. Low starting commissions – It is unfortunate that the starting commissions on Amazon associates are quite low. You get some meagre cents commission on some sales as a beginner. You need to increase your sale volumes in order for your commissions to increase. Many newbies who haven’t gained a good traffic on their blogs are faced by this problem. It is the main challenge of this program.

The company has gained a lot of trust from the consumers in all the years they have been on. It is therefore advisable for people to join this program so as they can reap the benefits as well. The best choice of monetizing your blog is through Amazon Associates. The best thing is that you pay nothing to join their affiliate program.


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